Queen of the Month 2023

  • Queen of the Month 2023

    Posted by Jo Elliot. RHS HQ on June 22, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    Would you like to be featured as Queen of the Month in 2023?

    To qualify: The Queen must be in good standing as a member and her chapterettes as well. (Extra points if you have a filled-in profile on the RHS website.)

    Our Membership enjoys learning about the special women who take the lead in the RHS; we at Hatquarters are interested too. Now, we agree that modesty can be a virtue – but surely royalty deserves recognition! We would like to feature you in an upcoming RHS communication.

    Please let us get to know you better. Following is a suggested list of questions that we would like you to answer. Just jot down a few lines; there’s no need to send a polished “script.” We’ll summarize.

    If you have not been featured and are willing to be, please send answers to the following questions to Jo_Elliot@redhatsociety.com with the subject line of Queen to Queens.

    • What is your Royal Name?

    • Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

    • What is your education? Or are you a graduate of the school of hard knocks?

    • Are you married, single, or somewhere in between? Do you have a good story about how you met your significant other?

    • Career? What was your wackiest or most fulfilling position so far?

    • Hobbies? What interests do you go wild for?

    • How did you first become involved in the RHS? What were your feelings as you walked into your first event?

    • What is your favorite aspect of being a Queen of the RHS?

    • Do you have any words to live by or a favorite quote to share?

    • Tell us about the most memorable RHS event you have attended or the best RHS project you have been involved in.

    • What is your secret for encouraging your Chapterettes to enjoy a happy, positive life? Please share your pearls of wisdom.

    Please remember to attach your picture in regalia to use for the article.

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