QotM – Josie Silva – August 2023

Once upon a time, in the charming town of Glendora, California, there lived a woman named Josie, Queen of the Victorian Red Hatters who from here forward will be known far and wide as the August Queen of the Month.  Josie is a true California local, born and raised in Los Angeles, where she lived her entire life.

Her journey as a Red Hatter began in 2001 when a dear friend invited her to join the RHS. She was ecstatic because she had cherished an original magazine featuring the first Red Hat tea, but didn’t know how to become a part of the fun until then. Josie joined the group with enthusiasm and eventually started her own chapter in 2002. Stepping into her first event was a magical experience, as she was welcomed with open arms, quickly making friends who felt like family.

Before becoming a Red Hatter, Josie worked as the head of the ROP program at Alhambra High School, a job she found deeply fulfilling. She derived immense joy from guiding students away from quitting school, motivating them to persevere, and witnessing their successes. The most gratifying moments came when former students returned to thank her for her unwavering support.

In her free time, Josie explored her creative talents, designing exquisite hats, costumes, and jewelry. She was also skilled in putting together remarkable fashion shows, showcasing her unique flair and style.

Life hadn’t always been easy for Josie, as she had experienced the loss of her beloved husband. However, the Red Hatters proved to be an incredible source of support during those challenging times, providing her with love and companionship. They became a sisterhood like no other, and she treasured every moment with them.

Josie lives by a few simple yet powerful words of wisdom. She believes in the healing power of laughter and encourages everyone to keep laughing. She is a strong advocate for sharing love, as she knows it will bring happiness and kindness back into one’s life.

Throughout her 22 years of Red Hatting, Josie experienced countless memorable events and projects. From helping at RHS conventions to modeling in Vegas, and even creating a video on redesigning the iconic RHS hat, she embraced every opportunity to contribute and inspire others. Her passion for the Red Hat Society extended beyond her own chapter, as she assisted others in joining or starting their own chapters.

Josie is active on social media and her message to her fellow ladies remains clear and encouraging. She urges them to stay positive, spread happiness, and refrain from saying hurtful things to others. Josie cherishes the freedom of choice and celebrates diversity, loving her Red Hat sisters regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds.

As the years passed, Josie’s life as a Red Hatter transformed her in remarkable ways. She fulfilled childhood dreams of designing hats, costumes, and gracing the stage in her creations. Her experiences are so enriching that she even joked about writing a book to chronicle her extraordinary journey as a Red Hatter.

And so, the Queen of the Month, Josie, continues to live her vibrant life, surrounded by the love and camaraderie of her Red Hat family. She remains an inspiration to all, embracing the joy of life, laughter, and sharing love with everyone she met.