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The Red Hat Society is a worldwide membership society that encourages women in their quest to get the most out of life. We support women in the pursuit of Fun, Friendship, Freedom, Fitness and the Fulfillment of lifelong dreams.

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We are working on launching our new website, offering new features for member collaboration.

We are still in the process of migrating all our users and their memberships to this new experience. If you do not see your membership is active yet, you may go back to our old site to manage your account until October 31st.

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If you are a member but have not logged in on this website before, please click on SIGN IN to get started.

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Who We Are

Red Hat Society is our own women’s movement, of sorts – placing a strong emphasis on the positive aspects of life. We stress the importance of friendship and sisterhood, and the value of recess (play) into our busy lives. Always trailblazers, we help reshape the way modern women are viewed and valued in today’s culture.

Today, hatters are commonly seen frolicking and embracing life to the fullest wearing the now famous symbol – a red or pink hat and purple and lavender regalia.

Why Should You Join?

Online and Offline Community

Official members and queens are automatically added to our global online chapter and have access to our members-only website as well as private social media groups. This includes access to potential engagement and connections; online and off. The level of participation is entirely up to each member.

Fun Stuff

Members’ corner is a section on the RHS website that is filled to the brim with fun and interesting resources from tips, crafts, tips, articles, recipes, downloadable content, and so much more. We also offer a free digital exclusive magazine especially for our members that is published two times a year.

Event Calendar

Exclusive for Red Hat Society members are RHS Hatquarters hosted events as well as multi-chapter hosted events, operated by Queens. RHS Hatquarters also offers online virtual events and promote hatter hosted events as well.

there’s magic in the hat

How to Get Started

You start with our Member Handbook which may be found in the Members’ Corner. In it, members learn about our traditions and receive advice on getting the most out of your membership. Whether you have chosen to be a Queen or member, it’s easy and fun.  Queens will learn how to start a chapter, gather her court, and be the best Queen ever. Both Queens and members reach out through our website search feature and forums to find other members in their area and post on our private forums to introduce themselves.

Members are

thank you for your generosity

Our Donors and Sponsors

Your thoughtfulness and generosity can make a positive difference in a Red Hatter’s life. Donations can be made in honor or in memory of a member. By donating, your help ensures that our Society continues its development of a strong online communication tool for Members to assist them in gaining new and exciting ways to enjoy life. We welcome donations of all sizes and payment plans -whether it’s a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program. Should you want to include Red Hat Society in your estate planning, please contact us.

Your donation does make a difference

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Red Hat Society 25th Anniversary Card

Attention Queens & Members!

In honor of our 25th Anniversary, we are offering the opportunity to purchase a special logo designed, personalized, member or Queen ID card. This sturdy, collectible plastic ID card is available as a limited edition. Available while supplies last. Get yours today! $10 (USD) Exclusive to RHS members and Queens.

Fuel the Love of Shopping

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Red Hat Society Marketplace

Awesome! Thank you for reaching out to us! Join the Sisterhood by clicking on the link below.

We only ask our Hatters to:

  • Renew your Membership annually and keep us up to date on your contact information.
  • Wear your red and purple, at RHS events (or lavender and pink for our younger Sisters under 50).
  • Engage in the community; get to know your Sisters.
  • Support our cause to positively reshape the way women are viewed in our culture. Of course, have the most fun possible!

Welcome! First, we recommend that you grab a cuppa tea or a nice glass of wine, find a comfortable chair, and read our Member Handbook.  It’s a quick read and has nearly everything you need to know to get started.

Our website provides you with multiple ways to connect with queens and members in your area and around the world. You’ll find a forum where you can talk to other members, learn creative and inspiring ideas about ways to play in our Members’ Corner, and receive emailed opportunities only available to members of the Society. You are also invited to join our Facebook groups; start with The Official Red Hat Society Group.

As a member, you will be automatically added to the official online Red Hat Society chapter.  As a Queen, you will be also be added to the official Red Hat Society® Queens-only group where you’ll find your queenly resources, communications from Hatquarters, and other Queens. The fun is just getting started! The more you explore, the more you’ll discover all that your RHS membership has to offer.


We recommend that you start by reading the Members’ Handbook. It’s a handy Queen’s resource.  You’ll fill out your profile, add your picture in regalia, and introduce yourself in all the groups and forums. There is the online calendar to peruse, the Members’ Corner for great ideas, the Red Hatter Matters online magazine and Hatquarters’ communications to read.  When you are ready to start a chapter of your own, request one to be created from your profile. Click on your profile on the top right, then go to Groups > Create Group. Or you can click here. Congratulations on being the next RHS Queen!

We’re also big on social media. Join our groups on Facebook; start with The Official Red Hat Society Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

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