Reply To: #SundayFunday

  • Jeannie Johnson

    February 5, 2023 at 4:14 pm


    Here is a new #SundayFunday craft. I have included a video link to see the diy in action


    Creative Dollar Tree Crafts for Low Budgets

    36. Plate Décor

    Dollar stores have a ton of plates in their catalog. The next time you’re there, pick up one of those plates; you’ll need one to make this gorgeous sign plate!

    It’s fresh and zesty, with bright pops of yellow from the lemon and dark minty green from the leaves. You can almost smell those lemons just from looking at the picture!

    You can also place a candlestick in one corner to offset the tableau. For one final rustic touch, why not lay a bit of corded rope around the potted lemons?


    Here is a link to other ways to decorate plates.