Wanda Cook, Lonoke, AK USA, The Coca-Cola Queen

I made this costume about 22 years ago and that was before I knew anything about the Red Hat Society.  To some it just looks like a costume to wear to a 1950’s themed Red Hat event but to me it is a whole lot more. Thank to Joy Lucas, Raleigh, MS USA, I was able to share the story behind the costume with the Red and Pink Hatters who attended her event recently in Pearl, MS USA. I collect Coca-Cola paraphilia and when our oldest grandson was in second grade he asked if he could can a Coca-Cola party for his class.  That started a tradition that lasted 24 years until COVID came and halted things. I wore the costume when the students came to tour the house and party with Coca-Cola and Santa. The little package I’m holding represents the thousand of cookies that I have made for second graders over the years.  This time I passed them out to the Hatters at the event. It was the first time I have ever made “cokies” for any other group than the students. Of course, there were always leftovers to share with family and friends. Thanks to Sandra Hughes, Brandon MS USA, for capturing this photo for me to share.