How to Hoot – June 17, 2023

  • How to Hoot – June 17, 2023

    Posted by Jo Elliot. RHS HQ on May 3, 2023 at 10:55 am


    A “Hoot” is our word for an unstructured and extremely informal gathering of RHS Members. It’s usually a one-day event. Sometimes (but not always) it involves a train with Members traveling from near and far to meet at one location. We pick a place and go there in mass, gather briefly to say hello, then go our merry ways to lunch or shop or meander. The key to a Hoot is that each participant is responsible for her own reservations, transportation et cetera. There can be a theme but definitely no formal program as such.

    If you’ve never “hooted” before, don’t miss throwing one in your area.


    The world is taking notice again; so let’s all be ready! When the press or a potential new member asks what we gorgeous ladies are all about – and you know they will – just give them your best smile and say:

    The Red Hat Society is the world’s largest play group for women. We encourage women in their pursuit of fun and friendship. We would love to invite you to become a member at Women who join the Society are added to the RHS chapter and then are free to participate in local chapters, if available, or start one of their own.

    For the Press, please refer them directly to for the latest information. If you are interviewed, don’t forget to email our PR department and send them the links to your articles and coverage. They want to give you the publicity you deserve.


    Pick a date, time frame, and location. Hoots feel spontaneous but they are planned in advance.

    Location is important! Be sure to pick a good spot for your Hoot. The best locations have three features:

    Transportation – Since Hatters may be arriving from lots of different locations, you’ll need to take transportation into account. Find a gathering place that’s near good parking for those arriving by car, a train station, or even bus routes. Make it as easy as possible to get there.

    Variety – Unless you’re organizing the hoot around a specific event you’ll want to pick a location that has lots of different options for fun. Shopping areas with a variety of stores, or downtown areas are good for this.

    Centrality – Try to pick a place that’s central to all of the Hatters who will be attending. After all, you want as many people to come as possible!


    • Post it on the RHS Calendar

    • Simply spread the word through an email or phone call

    • Post it on Facebook or Twitter or RHS website discussions using #RHS25

    • Run a free ad in your local online neighborhood publication

    • Notify the press!

    Remember to contact the city offices to let them know what you have planned. The Chamber of Commerce may help spread the word to local shops and restaurants to let them know you are coming. This way the shopkeepers can feature their red, purple, pink, and lavender merchandise and the restaurants will have plenty of staff on hand.

    On the day of the Hoot, trust that they will come!

    The hostess will informally greet everyone at the arrival time and officially start the festivities. Then everyone is on their own to meet, greet, shop, and in general create their own fun-filled day.

    We’re not quite done yet!

    AFTER THE HOOT! Please send your pictures and stories to–skip-themes with the subject line of RHS World Wide Hoot.

    Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget your KAZOOS!

    Happy 25th Anniversary! Start planning today.

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  • Francine Rivas

    May 4, 2023 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks Jo for posting this! I always wanted to know what should be the first thing to do for a Hoot!